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Introduction - Study Guide

Welcome to this e-course’s Introduction - Study Guide.

This Study Guide will help you find your way through this e-course about learning with the Storytelling Teaching Model, in order to make this journey of learning science pleasant and comprehensive.

The e-course is consisted of 6 e-lessons, each of which has its own aims and cultivates specific skills. In most of the lessons you will find indicative feedback for the activities included. However, it is strongly advised to complete the activities before reading the feedback. Moreover, feedback is not to be considered as the only correct answer to a lesson’s activity, rather it is an indicative answer to give you a feel of what is expected from each activity.

The aim of this e-course is to present 6 stories from the History of Science (HoS) emphasizing on elements of the Nature of Science (Nos). In order to do so each e-lesson’s activities are structured in a linear way following the usual “steps” that a teacher would probably follow at a Science lesson. In the long term the S@™ project aims also to encourage students to follow careers in Science

Even if this e-course’s lessons have a linear structure you can always follow your own path according to your own needs. However, we strongly advise you to do the activities as they foster active learning.

This e-course will use educational resources that were produced by the partners of the S@TM Project. These educational resources are created with 15 year-old students in mind; however they could be also interesting to students of different ages.

In the context of the S@TM Project, eighteen Stories were created (6 Physics, 6 Chemistry & 6 Biology stories), each of which is based on a different story from History of Science. These Stories are available online either as texts that you can read or as videos in which the story is told by a professional storyteller.


Of course, you can enjoy any of the rest 12  available stories according to your own needs either reading them or watching the relevant videos.


Your study time required for each lesson following the activities proposed by this e-course is about 90 minutes. Each activity has an indicative time required to complete it for your convenience.


You may download the entire e-course (without feedback) here. You may also download the entire feedback here.