Teacher's e-course on the S@TM: Familiarizing


E-lesson 1: Familiarizing with the story, the historical context (HoS elements).

Aim of e-lesson 1 is to familiarize you with the story that was developed and the historical context (HoS elements).

Time required: 30΄



  1. Read first the story of The Soul of Solar Energy: Augustin Mouchot.
  2. Try to locate the important elements of the specific historical, social, economic, scientific & cultural context of the story that influenced Mouchot’s research.  What obstacles did Mouchot face in order to do his research (social, scientific, any kind of problem faced)? Find appropriate key-words and use them to write down the main points you wouldn’t omit in your own storytelling. Alternatively print an table [PDF-Form] and fill it in by writing. You may need to re-read the story.
  3. You may wish to create a concept map of the main points using the keywords and free software (e.g. CMAP tools http://cmap.ihmc.us, Freemind http://sourceforge.net/projects/freemind and Bubble.us https://bubbl.us). Instead of following any other kind of concept map (e.g. the star-like structure or the hierarchical and other strategies) you may want to follow the linear structure of the story, enriching every step of the story with information not to be omitted (including elements of NoS, see e-lesson 2). Use the concept map as a means to organize, remember and adapt your story. Let’s say that what you try to create is ‘a story map’.  




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