Teacher's e-course on the S@TM: Familiarizing


E-lesson 2: Familiarizing with the elements of Nature of Science (NoS) that are included in the story.

Aim of e-lesson 2 is to locate the core NoS ideas that are included in the story and relate them to the main HoS points.

Time required:  30΄


Activity 1 (Time required 20΄)

Now read the story again and try to locate the important elements of the Nature of Science (NoS) you can find in the story. McComas (2004) published a list of nine characteristic elements that can serve as a checklist [PDF-Form].

1. Science requires and relies on empirical evidence.

2. There is no single step-by-step method by which all science is done.

3. While science cannot “prove” its knowledge, its conclusions are still accepted and durable.

4. While laws and theories in science are related, they are still distinct from each other.

5. Scientific endeavors are highly creative.

6. Science has a subjective aspect to it.

7. Science is influenced by historical, cultural, and social factors.

8. While science and technology influence each other, they are not the same.

9. Science and its methods cannot answer all questions.


Are there any other aspects which are relevant for the Nature of Science?

Which of the preceeding core NoS ideas are present in this story and which are not?  Please write one or two sentences to create an argument that either identify the argument or argue why it is not in the story. (For this activity ignore the “Keyword” & “Order of importance” fields).


 Activity 2 (Time required 10΄)

  1. Write next to each core NoS ideas  a key-word at the fields of activity 1 in order to remember your arguments for NoS within the story.
  2. Rate the importance of your arguments for NoS within this story from 1 (most important) to 9 (least important) in relation to including them in your story.
  3. Decide which aspects of NoS in this story you will present and discuss with your students
  4. You can enrich the concept map you already made with the keywords of the NoS elements you will include in your story.



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