Teacher's e-course on the S@TM: Familiarizing


E-lesson 3: Find further information that may be required

Aim of e-lesson 3 is to familiarize you with the initial material used and help you answer possible remaining questions using available resources.

Time required:  30΄

  1. Think and note what you would like to know in addition to the content of the story you already have read. (Time required: 5’)
  2. Now read the background material.
  3. Identify which questions are answered by the background material and which remain without a clear answer.
  4. Try to find resources (e.g. further study resources available, internet etc.) in order to answer your questions. At the bottom of each story site you find references to primary sources and secondary literature. New questions may rise, try to find answers.
  5. If some questions remain unanswered evaluate if they are vital for teaching the selected topic. If not, simply proceed to the next activity.




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