Teacher's e-course on the S@TM: Developing your own story


E-lesson 14: Plan and organize the development your own story and evaluate it.

Aim of e-lesson 14 is to help you plan and organize the development of your own story.

Time required: 40΄...


Congratulations on reaching e-lesson 14! For this e-lesson you will need all the skills you have developed so far.

You have learned so far:

  • To familiarize with a topic suitable for creating a new story by learning about the historical context (HoS elements), locating the elements of Nature of Science (NoS), finding further information that may be required.
  • To making decisions on the function of the story (motivational introduction, main structure for a lesson or assessment), telling the story yourself or using a video presentation within the lesson, and reflect upon your choices, considering possible problems and organizing your lesson.
  • Adapting the story by locating important elements in an engaging story, writing/adapting the story, checking the adapted version of the story, developing worksheets/activities for your story and learned about the Storytelling skills required.
  • Being motivated in developing your own story, what makes a good Science Story.

And now … you will plan and organize the development of your own story.


In general a project for creating a new story has 5 phases:

Phase 1: Finding a topic for a new story & planning the project. (E-lessons 12-14)

Phase 2: Find further information and analyze it. (E-lessons 1-3)

Phase 3: Deciding on the pedagogic approach for the new story. (E-lessons 4-6)

Phase 4: Writing and adapting the story. (E-lessons 7-9)

Phase 5: Creating the worksheets, rehearsing and presenting the story within the classroom. (E-lessons 10-11)

In general each phase requires about 1 week, however this is only indicative.


Decide how many weeks will be the duration of the project. Create a timeline, which includes each step and the time required for the story development. Use the table [PDF-Form].

Don’t forget to evaluate your story when the project is completed. Score from 1 (very dissatisfied) to 5 (very satisfied). You can use the table [PDF-Form].



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