Teacher's e-course on the S@TM: Adapting the story


E-lesson 11: Learning about the Storytelling skills


Aim of e-lesson 11 is to familiarize you with the storytelling skills in order to tell your story into the classroom


Time required: 30΄


Please go to the section Storytelling HOWTO in order to get some tips for narrating a story.


Activity 1

See the video of the story you have chosen [Link to Mouchot’s video]. This time give emphasis on the storytelling skills (facial expressions, gestures, voice intonation, pauses, props etc.). Do not try to simply imitate the video. Just adopt what you think would be useful in your own version of the story and suits your own style. It may also be useful to look at the videos in other languages to get a better feeling for the skills involved in telling a story.

Activity 2

Before you tell your story, give it a try. Tell the story to someone you know and who can reflect on your storytelling skills – this could be a colleague, a friend or someone you know from other activities. Ask for a feedback, and when you get the feedback, just listen and think about it. Do not try to justify anything; this is not your role in the feedback process. Alternatively you may want to videotape yourself telling the story and watch the video to see how it feels telling the story yourself.


Further Study:



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